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How to clean wood cabinets

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How to clean wood cabinets
Issue Time:2012-02-20

The cabinet seems to be from edible fats and dirty fingers, antique cabinet all of which can ruin the appearance of your wooden cabinet magnet stick construction. Keep your cabinets clean and shiny, and need daily care. Here are a few pointers, how to make those who see their cabinets.

1 Use a mild detergent or washing powder, aims to reduce the grease. The two parts of the intensity of the warm / hot water and part of the mixed detergent detergent. Be sure to mix and apply for with a clean sponge or cloth. Scrub cabinet solutions to eliminate the accumulation. Designed a washing with a soft brush or Silverstone, but be careful not to delete from the cabinet to complete. Rinse and soap residue can create a sticky piece and leave your cabinets adhesive touch the cabinet.

Try vinegar and water, to eliminate the sticky film in your door. Be sure to use a soft cloth or sponge, paying particular attention to the hinges, handles and drawer pulls the surrounding area. Rinse with plain water to prevent the residue left by the cabinet.

A paste of baking soda and water mixed, built-in dust and dirt stick field. antique misc scrub with a soft brush or sponge to remove the dirt, and rinse thoroughly.

4, avoid the use of harsh chemicals, your cabinets, as it often from the protection of your cabinets, away from them, the conditions began to deteriorate. If you must use a more powerful multi-purpose cleaner to remove all the built-in grease and dirt, always test, it will not be seen to determine whether cleaning is the safe use of the area.

5 wipe cabinets disc ordinary detergent and water, to prevent the cooking resulting in a common grease and dirt accumulation of daily or biweekly. Murphy Oil Soap is a mild, not enough on your cabinets on a regular basis. It will not only clean the surface, it will leave your home fresh smell also.

6 Antique bookcase applications to complete your cabinet design, the wax coating, once they clean and dry. This will repel dirt, easy routine cleaning.